Don't Replace Your Outdoor Surfaces - Just Clean Them!

Arrange for high-quality fence pressure washing services in South Kingstown, Richmond, and Narragansett, RI

You don't have to get rid of your fence just because it's covered in algae and mold buildup. Instead, all you need to do it clean it. Take care of those green, unsightly stains by hiring Precision Power Wash for fence pressure washing services. We work with property owners throughout South Kingstown, Richmond, and Narragansett, RI to restore the appearance of any outdoor structure, like a wood fence or composite deck.

All of our cleaning products are eco-friendly for a gentler and safer cleaning process. You'll be amazed at how much more affordable a pressure washing project is than a fence or deck replacement.

Take care of grime, dirt and bacteria. Request an estimate on fence pressure washing services today.

Restore Your Deck and Save Money!

As a pressure washing company in Rhode Island, Precision Power Wash gets to restore and clean many decks. Many people are shocked to find that their dingy, dirty, stained, decks can actual be cleaned instead of replaced. With our pressure washing and eco-friendly cleaning products, the wood or composite will take on a newer appearance and bring back the beauty it once had. As with other exterior surfaces, bacteria, grime, mold, dirt, mildew, and algae build up on the deck surface which over time will damage the material and structure, so getting it cleaned by our professional team will save you money!

Decks can be dangerous if they are not cleaned. They are slippery when wet and can cause accidents. After we clean your deck the deck will be smooth, and safer from dangerous slips. Once we pressure wash your deck, it can be stained or painted to keep it lasting for many years to come.